Under the Attic sky, the modern coexists harmoniously with the old.


Under the Attic sky, the modern coexists harmoniously with the old, the past meets the present taking you on a magical journey to landmarks and ancient history that counts more than 7 millennia. Starting from the sacred rock of Acropolis, to admire the Parthenon, Ictinus and Kalikrates’s masterpiece, Erecthion (the Caryatids temple), Herodion Theater and the ancient Agora were Democracy was born, Athens, the city dedicated to goddess Athena and her wisdom, would steal heart and take your breath away.

Within 5 minutes walk the, new Acropolis museum exhibits treasures and parts of the sealing of the temple, in a modern but also properly positioned, in the surrounding environment, structure.

Escape in the picturesque, traditional areas of Plaka Monastiraki and Thission and explore the hills of Philopapou and Pnyka as well as the Temple of Zeus and Panathinaikon Stadium in a Journey to Athens’s glorious past enjoying at the same time your souvenir and goods shopping.

More to add, Athens draws tourists’ attention with the wide range of good restaurants and its famous worldwide Greek food, the cafes that stay open until midnight and the city center and seaside vibrant bars and clubs that stay open till the sun rises.

History and leisure, clear coastline and places with unmatched natural beauty are what Athens is offering for its visitors, why not being a part of it?

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